Dannii threatened by Cheryl’s charm

LONDON: Australian pop singer Dannii Minogue, who is a judge on the show X-Factor, has threatened to leave because fellow judge Cheryl Cole is apparently getting more airtime.

Minogue is also upset because Cole has become a favourite. She has confronted Simon Cowell, the head of the show, and asked him for more time on camera, reports mirror.co.uk.

A source said, “Cheryl has been a brilliant success. Viewers have taken to her straight away. She’s been appearing on screen much more than Dannii, who is just not having the same impact as she did last year. Simon thinks Cheryl looks beautiful in front of the camera, totally radiant, and that she’s been pivotal to some of the most memorable scenes of the 2008 series so far.” The source adds that the reason fans seem to like Cole is that she responds emotionally and makes her feelings evident. “It’s been unintentional, but Cheryl’s arrival and her crying at the tragic family stories of the contestants has totally upstaged Dannii. From the word go, Dannii’s nose was put totally out of joint by Cheryl’s arrival and its gone downhill from there,” the source added.