Dashing Senial P

Sanjay alias DJ Senial P(sycho), resident DJ, Club Fabric, New Delhi is crazy and whacko as his name apparently suggests. A civil engineer by education, this multi-faceted DJ has proved his worth many a times in various fields. “I was always into adventure sports and river rafting. I participated in many competitions and was also a national level hockey player,” he said. “I was always into music and loved paying the guitar. I wanted to do something in this field and then Djing came along.” This dynamic DJ has been in the field for more than eight years and received his training in Bangkok. He has played with some of the most renowned DJs of India like Akbar Sami and Bally Sagoo and won a number of DJ contests. Interestingly, this DJ has his maternal home in Nepal. “My basic style of music is house and progressive house and my speciality is European house. I like doing live-mixing during my gigs and this is what makes the entire event stand out,” he said. “I love DJs like Paul Van Dyke, Goa Gill, DJ Akshay and DJ Teisto.” On his expectations of Kathmandu, DJ Senial P says that he will play music according to the tastes of the crowd and would also do live-mixing of some popular Nepali tracks. His future plans include making and producing his own music.