Delectable morsels from the far east


Yakitori — skewered grilled chicken garnished with leek, green onion and salad spread on painted porcelain, alone suffices to arouse one’s appetite and leaves one’s mouth watering. Served with soya sauce, it is like heaven. “It was the most preferred food in the last festival,” says Jyotsana Shrestha, MD of Maki Newa Bhutu. The restaurant will put out a lavish spread of Japannese delicacies at the The Himalayan Times Food Fest and is all set to serve you an authentic Japanese cuisine, mostly imported, at rock bottome prices. Japanese cuisine is regarded the healthiest food worldwide for its unique recipe and taste. Tori Chiri is another chicken dish that goes splendidly with the soft and intoxicating drink, O Sake.

The vegetarians need not feel left out as there are some delicacies planned for them too like Kapamaki and Goma E. The latter is a Japanese side dish and may be translated as “sesame dressing” of boiled spinach. If you love the aroma of sesame, don’t miss this tantalising dish. You might go for a second helping and even want a third. Can Japanese cuisine be complete without fish? Well get a platter, hopefully a nice round lacquerware box, with a variety of sushi pieces, Futomaki with betty fish rolled in seaweed. You can even go with a whole fried fish — Sakana Yaki.

Well, what is there to stop you from feasting and enjoying? Come and drink sake with the other foodies at the THT food fest on November 26 at the Hyatt Regency.