Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are like immature brothers, says Helena Bonham Carter. Bonham Carter, who stars alongside Depp in her boyfriend Burton’s new musical movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, revealed the two men share a childish sense of humour after working on several films together.

She said, “They have a great synergy. They are very like each other. Chosen brothers elected by each other. They have the same sense of humour and share a deep respect. They have grown up together. Working on Edward Scissorhands joined them. They are both introverts, but very flamboyant when it comes to their work. That is their release. They are rebels, anti-authoritarian. They are very age seven in their sense of humour.”

Burton added to the USA Today newspaper, “We’ve been lucky to usually be on the same wavelength and like similar kinds of things.”