Depp: Ultimate green celeb


Johnny Depp is set to spend $500,000 on a sun-powered energy system for his private island home.

The green actor is kitting out his island retreat — which he has reportedly nicknamed ‘F**k Off Island’ — in the Bahamas with a grid-independent solar hydrogen system.

The pioneering set up converts sunlight into electricity, providing sufficient power to run his home. Johnny’s environmentally friendly lifestyle recently earned him a nomination for the ultimate green celebrity. Playhouse Disney’s Playing for the Planet Awards has announced a shortlist of 10 stars, including Sienna Miller and Leonardo DiCaprio, who have been nominated for the Greenest Star prize for using their fame to promote environmental issues.

The Hollywood superstar — who also has homes in France and Los Angeles with his partner Vanessa Paradis and two children Lily-Rose Melody, nine, and Jack, six - bought the 40-acres of land for $3 million in 2005. — Agencies