Dhangadi sings with Nepathya

KATHMANDU: The band Nepathya, which embarked on its ‘Shanti ka lagi Shikshya’ tour on December 21, performed in Dhangadi on January 8 and 9, stated a nepalaya press release.

Nepathya performed it’s free invitation show on January 8 for about 1,000 persons at Joshi Talkies. The hall was filled with children from shelter homes and local schools.

The band started the concert with Mainapokhari Ghatana, a 25-minute ballad about the Mainapokhari tragedy, which a 20-day-old survived but lost her father.

“Ghatana was very impressive. The visual presentation in the background was specially very powerful,” the release quoted an Argentine tourist Simon as saying. “This has been one of the best concerts I have seen in a long time.”

The band performed for the public on January 9.

Their next destination is Surkhet.