Dickinson slams Jolie for Gia portrayal


Janice Dickinson, who co-wrote the movie Gia 10 years ago, slammed Angelina Jolie for her performance in the film although the actress won four awards for the role.

Jolie’s portrayal of supermodel Gia, whose career crashed when she contracted HIV and eventually died in 1986, shot the actress to fame but Dickinson is disappointed with the film, reports thesun.co.uk.

Dickinson said, “I co-wrote that movie but I was disappointed with the film. We hired an unknown who won a Golden Globe for the role — one Ms Angelina Jolie. The role kick-started her career to superstardom but Gia was not depicted by Ms Jolie the way Gia actually was. Gia was a phenomenally gorgeous, voluptuous, extroverted, racy lesbian who unfortunately passed away from AIDS.”