Doctors didn’t take my headaches seriously: Clooney


Actor George Clooney, who underwent a neurological surgery recently for his painful headaches, is still upset that some doctors had dismissed them as nothing serious.

The actor had to fly back to California from Morocco where he was filming the movie ‘Syriana’ when fluid started dripping from his nose and his headaches would not stop. He underwent an operation after a neurologist told him the pain was because he had a life-threatening breach in his dura, the substance that surrounds the brain and spine.

He recalls the situation, “It was like an ice-cream brain freeze 24 hours a day. A lot of the doctors were like, ‘You’ve got a headache.

Go home.’ I understand what they were thinking: ‘Oh, he’s an actor. He’s being dramatic.’”

Clooney now has his spine pinned back together with plastic bolts.