Dohori contest begins

KATHMANDU: Amidst the crowd of enthusiastic dohori lovers, a fierce competition was held between 10 dohori groups on March 22 at Fun Park, Bhrikutimandap, in the first round of the week-long national Tuborg Dohori Competition 2066.

Bhetghat Dohori Saanjh, Chabahil, Sunkoshi Dohori Saanjh, Chuchchepati Junkiri Dohori Saanjh, Buspark, Siddababa Dohori Saanjh, Buspark, Kanchanjunga Dohori Saanjh, Buspark, Kalinchowk Dohori Saanjh, Shantinagar, Shreenagar Dohori Saanjh, Shantinagar Junkiri Dohori Saanjh, Buspark 'A' were the participants of the day.

After getting a walkover, Junkiri Dohori Saanjh was announced as one of the winners. Out of these 10 teams five winning teams will compete in the second round. Other competitions of first round will be held on March 23 and 24.