Don’t let your hair down

Himalayan News Service


When your hair looks good, you feel more confident and in a good mood. Summer is here and hair expert Suman Shrestha, in this business for 15 years, recommends that you wash your hair daily. People say that it will damage the quality of your hair but Suman does not agree.

He says, “If you are living in an air-polluted city like Kathmandu then you must wash your hair daily with lukewarm water because air pollution leads to loss of hair. Otherwise, wash it once a week.”

If you have long hair then Suman suggests, “Washing long hair daily might dry the ends so five-10 minutes before you wash, pour your choice of oil on your palm and add one spoon of honey, mix and apply only to the ends of your hair. Make sure that you do not apply on the scalp. This is a good conditioner and makes it easy to comb your hair later.”

For short hair, there is a different method. “You can simply use oil and it does not matter even if you apply it on your scalp. Take care that you trim your hair after every six weeks as it stops the growth of split ends.” He says that it is okay to use a hair dryer after you wash your hair and you can even comb your hair immediately after you wash it but not while you are washing it.

To add shine, Suman instructs, “Before washing, take any kind of oil and put lemon in it befpre applying. Keep it for sometime and wash. Or even you can mash banana, apply it in your hair and leave for sometime before washing.”

Many people complain of hair loss but they do not know why it happens. Suman clarifies that the main reason behind hair loss is air pollution or over-chlorinated water with iron. Dandruff appear due to lack of protein or if hair is not rinsed properly. Here is a solution: apply Aloe Vera (Ghue Kumari) to your scalp every time after washing your hair. It kills germs and helps hair grow. A perfect treatment for hair loss and dandruff.

Many people use styling gel, Suman says that it could damage hair because of its chemical content. Instead you can use non-sticky oil. “I advise you not to apply colour or even mehendi in your hair. That damages hair as the colours have chemicals in it and you do not get natural henna in the market. If the henna is 100 per cent natural with nothing added then it is fine. If you do, it is not wise to keep it for more than an hour.”

He is also against ironing hair because it damages the ends and it is not appropriate to use soaps instead of shampoo. He suggests that the best shampoo for any hair-type are shampoos made in Nepal or India because “the climate of Nepal and India is somewhat similar. I do not say to stop using shampoos that are made in western countries but I so say that as the climate of Nepal is not similar to those of other countries. But if you really want to, use originals.”