Double apology


Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie felt sorry for actor Jack Black since he was profusely apologetic about having unintentionally revealed in a TV interview that she was pregnant. reports that Black assumed everyone knew that Jolie was expecting twins and joked about it in an interview at the Cannes Film Festival last month. His remarks led to media frenzy and Jolie, sitting next to him during the interview, had to confirm. Jolie said, “Poor Jack! Immediately when he saw my partner (Brad Pitt), he apologised. But we both told him very clearly that we had only waited until all results are in on the twins’ health and that we were past that point.”

She added that she is fine with Black revealing the information. “If somebody had asked me directly (if I was pregnant with twins), I would have said yes, so he didn’t do anything but take the heat himself,” the actress said. — HNS