Dressing politics


You will hardly ever hear the words ‘fashion’ and ‘politics’ in the same sentence. But politicians have a dress sense too, not just with their words.

We look up to them for leadership and we admire them for their ideas... sometimes. But have you ever admired what they wear? According to some local fashion designers, most of the leaders in the Constituent Assembly elections have a good dressing sense to woo the public. As they are the political icons for Nepal, how they carry themselves in public has as much to do with the confidence from dressing good as their personal abilities.

Managing director of IEC design house, Shailaja Adhikary and fashion designer Yogendra Meher Bajracharya of Meher Collection say gone are the days when the only trendsetters were the celebrities.

“They have a lot of people supporting them, and when they see their leaders dressed well, people will follow the manner in which they dress,” said Bajracharya. “This is especially good for promoting our country’s products.”

For Adhikary, a good first impression comes from your dressing and grooming, which is important for the politicians as they are constantly in the public eye. “When you meet people, you don’t speak first, they see you first,” she said. “If you are looking good, you feel good and you exude confidence.”

Here are Adhikary and Bajracharya’s designers’ views on what the political leaders do right and what would look good on them.

Girija Prasad Koirala

• Carries the daura-suruwal well with his height.

• Looks smart in coat and suit, which are always well ironed.

• Always properly colour co-ordinated.

Something new to try

• Suits, coats and shirts make him look younger; should try them more often.

Pashupati SJB Rana

• He knows when to wear what: wears kurta-pyjamas during

village visits, and suits for more formal occasions.

• Always completes the daura-suruwal look with the traditional cap.

• Wears coloured coats and shirts very well.

Something new to try

• No suggestions


• Looks relaxed in shirts and pants.

• He has the perfect shaped glasses for his face type — not too big,

not too small.

Something new to try

• Has a very energetic personality and voice to attract people, so should try on more vibrant coloured shirts to go with it.

• With trimmed moustache, hair and his height, he will look good in daura-suruwal.

CP Mainali

• Usually seen in shirt, pants

and coats.

• Always well groomed.

Something new to try

• Has a very Nepali look, so should go for daura-suruwal more often.

• With his figure, he can carry

Western outfits easily, but with more colour co-ordination.

Rajendra Mahato

• He looks good in Nepali

dresses, kurtas and slippers.

• His moustache and beard

suits him.

Something new to try

• Give just a little bit of French trim to the moustache, and little thinner beard around the upper cheeks.

• Colour coordinate the slippers with the upper body outfits more often.

Upendra Yadav

• Usually seen in shirt and pants.

Something new to try

• A three-piece kurta-pyjama will suit him in the Tarai climate.

• According to his height and look, he should wear sherwani during special functions.

Sher Bahadur Deuba

• Wears a long daura till

below the knee

• Looks comfortable in simple pants and shirts.

• Occasionally wears black coat and grey shirts.

Something new to try

• Shorter daura preferably above the knee.

• Light coloured shirts, such as cream, will look good

with his skin tone.

Madhav Kumar Nepal

• Looks good in daura-suruwal and safaris during national ceremonies.

• Appropriately wears suits for television interviews, and looks handsome in simple, plain ones.

Something new to try

• Shorter kurtas with vertical, long-thin stripes more often.

• With his skin colour, he can carry any kind of colour,

especially blue, so should try that more often.

Mahantha Thakur

• Looks good in Nepali

traditional outfits

Something new to try

• Try on suits with simple coloured shirts and ties.