Dressing up your little ones

KATHMANDU: As your child grows up they become more active so it is necessary that you dress them in comfortable clothes that allow maximum movements. When it comes to children each and every piece of garment looks cute but the thumb rule for selecting children’s wear is look for function and comfort.

Here are some other useful tips for shopping clothes for your little ones.

• Make an apt choice when it comes to materials; cotton are light and breathable so are best

for summer. For autumn and winter, flannel is a better choice as it keeps them warm.

• Boys are more active than girls so avoid dressing your son in shirts/tops that put pressure on chest and waist. It could be harmful.

• In case of girls, parents need to take care the hosiery and bodice of attire like tights and dresses shouldn’t be too tight.

• Avoid clothing with a lot of belts, buckles, or too many buttons. Elastic is easy to pull on and off and often is the best choice for toddlers who are potty training. Zippers are also easy for children and you.

• Layering is the best way to dress your child during winter. It keeps them warm, and you can remove add clothes if your child feels too warm or cold.

• Also in winter keep heads covered with hats or scarves, especially when they are outdoors. Most of the heat of the body is lost from the head so keeping it covered will save your child from breathing cold air.

• From the safety point of view, clothes should not have loose ties or ribbons that can get caught on things while playing.