Drew Barrymore bruises easily

LONDON: Ellen Page said her 'Whip It' co-star Drew Barrymore bruises too easily.

Ellen Page said Drew Barrymore bruises too easily.

The 'Whip It' actress - who plays beauty pageant queen Bliss Cavendar, who decides her real calling in life is to join a roller derby team - said her co-star ended up with the most bruises after making the brutal film.

Ellen said: "Drew was the worst bruised - but she just cheats because she bruises easily. It was just fun though, to be honest with you.

"I trained for three months. I worked with a really awesome derby trainer, and simultaneously worked with a physical trainer just to get stronger. I just worked hard, ate well. Went to bed early."

She also told how she was attracted to the film by exploring her characters transition from the beauty world to the roller derbys.

She added to film.com: "Bliss was by no means evilly forced into the pageant world. She loved that it allowed her a connection with her mother, and she liked to make her mother happy.

"But then when she discovers derby, that's the thing she connects with, and that's the thing that allows her to come out of her shell, establish a sense of confidence, develop a sense of sexuality and really be in touch with herself."