INDIO: The most legendary names in rock including the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan are being lined up for a historic mega-festival, the Los Angeles Times reported on April 15. The newspaper said organisers of Coachella, the lucrative rock festival that opened on April 15, were making arrangements for the massive event to take place at the same venue in the California desert on October 7-9. The Los Angeles Times, quoting unnamed sources, said the concert would include six of the biggest acts of their generation — The Rolling Stones, former Beatle McCartney, Dylan, The Who, Neil Young and Rogers Waters of Pink Floyd fame. All of the artistes except the Stones’ 68-year-old co-guitarist Ronnie Wood are in their 70s. The acts all remain active but pull in major audiences eager to see them for historic reasons. The concert would mark the first time that McCartney and Dylan, contemporaries who went in different musical directions, have played at the same venue. The festival would be in line to generate massive amounts of money. The Rolling Stones and Waters are behind the second and third highest-earning concert tours in history, trailing only U2. The October festival could also mark a final appearance for The Who, whose members have hinted at imminent retirement. The group was scheduled to end their tour next month, but have already added June dates to appear at festivals in Europe.