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Bhaktaprasad hops into French world

KATHMANDU: Les Aventures D’une Grenoville Nepalaise, the French version of Kanak Dixit’s book The Adventures of a Nepali Frog was launched at the Alliance Francaise recently. Giller-Henry Garault, Ambassador of France, who was much impressed by the book gave a detailed account of the things he had noted while reading the book and also discussed how useful it is for tourists.

Philippe Martin, Director, Alliance Francaise highlighted the work of Mathilde Vanmansart in completing this project, and Nathalie Crozon for translating it. Shanta Dixit, publisher of the book, gave a short history about how the book came into being. It was the compilation of stories that Dixit used to tell his children and later wrote down, that later became a book.

Dixit expressed his happiness that the frog, Bhaktaprasad, has been hopping to various countries with the book being published in other languages as well and now in French. The book has been published by Rato Bangala Kitab.

Some passages from the books were read by students from the French school and a special performance was also given by students of Rato Bangala School. — HNS

Budding architects

KATHMANDU: The students of Pulchowk Engineering College showed what it takes to be an architect during the 10th Architectural Exhibition that was held from October 5-7. It was organised by Association of Students of Architecture (ASA).

The meticulously prepared miniature structures depicted buildings and huge complexes from different eras like Gothic, Roman, Greek, Renaissance and Mughal.

The exhibition gave people an idea about the evolution of religious temples and religious structure or a slight preview of some of the seven wonders of the world. It also consisted of development of various architectural styles worldwide and in Nepal too. Giving emphasis to minute details, the students had an interesting array of structures on display.

Many visitors turned up for the exhibition and the students were kept busy explaining their creations to the interested viewers.

While the freshers had made some world famous buildings the senior students showed their knowledge with the project works related to places like residential areas, commercial complexes or school buildings, including site analysis and their models. Thesis work was also displayed, with all the necessary plans for structures of National Museum of Natural History, Supreme Court of Nepal, Fine Arts Academy at Kirtipur and various others. — HNS