KATHMANDU: “Don’t be like that girl. She was all set to go to US, but changed her mind in favour of Australia after watching Salaam Na-maste,” said Raju Singh, programme director at Professional Education Consultancy Center (PECC), as sound advice to 50 curious young

persons looking forward to going Australia for further studies.

They had gathered for the pre-departure commentary which started with an exciting video clip depicting the scintillating “Kangaroo land”. “But remember, you’re there to study, not just to enjoy,” Singh was quick to add.

“Can we carry Horlicks?” asked one student. Another wanted to know how they could take their laptops with them.

SK Shrestha, managing director at PECC, briefed the students on the nitty-gritty of studying in a foreign land, along with deputy director of Macchappucchare Bank, Bijay Shrestha, and representative of President Tours and Travels, Purna L Shrestha, on financial and travel matters respectively.