Elina’s dance with the Prince

Once upon a time, there lived a girl. Her name was Elina.

One day an invitation arrived for the Royal ball to be held on Saturday. Elina was happy. She dreamt that she would dance with the Prince and wanted a beautiful gown.

Her father got her a beautiful gown. She was happy. She looked beautiful in that dress. The ball was at 6 o’clock and Elina was ready.

At the ball, Elina’s dream came true as the Prince danced with her.

However, there was a another girl called Esha. She also wanted to dance with the Prince but she thought that he wouldn’t. However, when Elina went home, Esha requested a dance with the Prince, which he accepted.

But the Prince had already fallen in love with Elina. So the next day the Prince proposed to

Elina and requested that his parents meet Elina’s parents. The King and Queen were happy with the request and so were Elina’s parents.

Elina and the Prince then got married and lived happily ever after.