Eliza Doolittle makes a comeback

NEW YORK: Eliza Doolittle is set to make a comeback to the music industry.

The 29-year-old singer has been off the radar for the past few years following the release of her 2013 'In Your Hands' album, but the star has taken to social media to unveil her new single 'Wide Eyed Fool'.

The brunette beauty has acknowledge she has been away for "a little while", but she is "so happy" to have made a return to the entertainment business and to be able to share her new record with her fans.

Alongside a teaser clip of the music video to her latest track, which was published on her Instagram account, she wrote: "It's been a little while. So happy to share this with you. Here's my new song - Wide Eyed Fool.

(Link to video in bio) (sic)."

The star has also shared a link to the full track on her page.

The lyrics include: "Forever a wide eyed fool.

"What am I to do... There's a method to my madness, cry a little more, a little harder, a little stronger...

"Under the starry skies I know this life ain't right, I know I'm all alone.

"Nothing, nothing,nothing, nothing is going to change my tune..."

Earlier this week the 'Pack Up' hitmaker has been teasing the release of her single with a string of images, which are believed to be still shots from her music video, on her photo-sharing site.

The images include black and white photographs of the musician sprawled out in various positions, whilst other posts are of artistic illustrations.

And various phrases from the track are sprawled across the picture, which read "And the city lights all flash blue", as well as "We might not be going down in history, but the way you're kissing me it feels just as important."