Emily Blunt engaged!

LONDON: The Young Victoria' star Emily Blunt is set to marry her boyfriend of one year, US actor John Krasinski.

Emily Blunt is engaged.

The 'Young Victoria' star will wed actor John Krasinski next year.

John's publicist Liz Mohoney said: "We can confirm that John and Emily are engaged."

John - who stars in the US TV version of 'The Office' - is said to have got down on one knee some time in the past few weeks.

The pair have been dating since November 2008.

They have been extremely tight-lipped about their romance, even arriving at the Screen Actors Guild Awards separately in January.

The actress has also spoken about her desire to keep her love life private, saying: "Unfortunately, when you invite those questions in, people have the assumption that you want to talk about it when things go south.

"Unfortunately, I don't. It was a learning curve for me. I don't feel like talking about my relationship is something I have to do."

Emily, 26, has starred in 'The Devil Wears Prada', 'Charle Wilson's War' and 'Sunshine Cleaning' while John, 29, has appeared in 'Leatherheads' and 'Away We Go'.

Emily has previously dated Canadian crooner Michael Buble.