Enhance your gadget lifestyle

KATHMANDU: Whether you are a gadget freak or not, you always want your gadgets to last longer. Gadgets are supposed to be handled in a certain way in order to make them more efficient as well as to enhance their functional life. Here are few tips to help you achieve these.

Read the manual

Too many people complain about how their gadget has failed them, when the solution was available in the manual. If you are too lazy or just not used to pull out the box and flip through the manual, many companies make their products’ manuals available online. You have no excuse.

Learn keyboard shortcuts

Real gadget veterans know how to do things on their desktops and laptops really quickly; tapping commands with the keyboard will always be quicker than selecting them with a mouse.

Use Bluetooth

The wonders of Bluetooth have been discovered a long time ago. Aside from allowing easy file and data transfers, and syncing, there are programs out there that allow you to lock a PC and control it, via Bluetooth.

Take care of batteries

The instructions vary for each gadget type. Here are some resources to get you started: ipodbatter-yfaq.com.

Don’t save anything compromising

A simple rule: Need something to be absolutely secret? Make sure it isn’t on any gadget, or at least keep it very, very secure.

Visit forums

Look for forums relevant purportedly to your gadgets, see if members post useful info, and participate. Forums are a great way to learn new stuff, especially when it comes to fully utilising your tech toys. You can look for online forums.

Join user groups

Related to the previous item, active gadget user groups are a great way to meet literally like-minded people. Nothing beats first-hand advice from a fellow user who’s experienced the same problem. And for certain gadgets, like gaming consoles, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition. Many groups are available on the net.

Save your money

In other words, maximising your gadget starts with making sure you’re spending for something genuinely useful, and pay only for the features you need. You don’t need to buy them as soon as they hit the market. Wait until the reviews come out and the other people too addicted to having the very latest and greatest buy it, put up a review, and have moved on to something else.