Entertainers in classrooms

Backbenchers — this word is generally used for those students who disturb the class and are always scolded for it. Back benchers are the ones who sit at the last benches always getting punished and are detested the most. Complains of their mischievousness is always made to the in-charges and teachers. Teachers always grumble about them with their colleagues. They are always consistent in maintaining their position at the top of the bad behaviour lists.

People are always looking at the bad facets of these obnoxious but actually attention-grabbing students. These back benchers are a mine of information and entertainment. The way they speak with others, do their tasks is really amusing. They are the ones who explicitly express their thoughts and confusions to their teachers. They are good humans and are not selfish. Every class should consider itself fortunate enough if it has back-benchers. This group consists of great leaders, mathematicians, artists, authors, actors….The leader among them ridicules examinations, the mathematicians among them think of some method of getting maximum marks with minimum effort. They are even experts in calculating milliseconds remaining for the bell to ring and end the period.

The great artist draws cartoons of intelligent students and teachers too. The great authors compose different kinds of witty poems. And, the actors….! They can beat super stars. The way they imitate teachers, mimic their voices is amazing.

Unfortunately, justice is never done to these back benchers who leave their answer sheets blank because they don’t want to trouble their teachers who have to check numerous papers! Without backbenchers, a class appears really monotonous, a period turns out to be tedious and even a free period becomes mind-numbing. So friends, keep in mind that you have to be extra good to be one of these backbenchers.

— Reeju Ghimire, Nobel Academy HS School