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Ma…Timi Bina Marihaalchhu

Genre: Action/drama

Director: Dayaram Dahal

Cast: Bhuwan KC, Jharana

Thapa, Sushmita KC, Sushila Rayamajhi

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Dayaram Dahal’s Ma... Timi Bina Marihaalchhu begins with Major Saheb (Bhuwan KC) saving an army personnel risking his own life. As the movie proceeds, Kajal (Jharana Thapa) and Major Saheb fall into such circumstances where he is compelled to marry her. When he takes home his newly wed wife home, his doting mother (Sushila Rayamajhi) and his sister Sanju (Archana Singh) welcome her with open arms.

But after a few months Major has to leave for Congo taking his men with him, and when he arrives he is given the special responsibility of handling a mission where he and his men have to go and save Captain Kiran (Sushmita KC), who is being kept a hostage. Though he and his men are successful in rescuing Capt Kiran, unfortunately Major loses his life. Back home things take a different turn as the news of his death reach his home. His mother and sister show their true nature as this is a dream turn into reality for them and they can get their hands on all his property. They then start mistreating Kajal and eventually kill her.

But things do not end there, as things take a drastic twist which completely takes the mother-sister and Rayamajhi’s brother, who forms an integral part of the plan to kill Thapa, when the unexpected happens. And yet another story unfolds.

As one expects from Bhuwan KC, he has given a great performance proving once again why he is such a hearthrob among the Nepali audiences. Jharana Thapa is good, but at times seems a bit too over-dramatic while shedding those never ending tears. Sushmita KC is seen in a few but important instances in the movie and looks beautiful and has justified her role. As for Rayamajhi, the part where she shows her motherly side has been carried out really well, but her negative side seems a bit overdone.

The movie whose story, concept and has been conceived by Sushmita KC has all the elements needed to make it a complete masala entertainer. From romance, tragedy, mind blowing action sequences, singing and dancing and most importantly bravery, love and honour of the Nepali army personnel for their country has been depicted. Sambhujeet Baskota has produced some catchy numbers, but the title track lacks gravity.

However, there are a few instances especially the action sequences which are a bit too difficult to comprehend, like the Nepali army personnel and the lead actors seem to be super-heroes of some sort who go unscathed in dire situations while the others die too easily. And then there are too many coincidences, but the characters even provide logical explanations for them being at the right place at the right time, no matter how absurd it may seem. The starting scenes very much reminds one of the Bollywood film Beta and it is quite obvious that it has been ‘highly inspired’ by this film. Then there are traces of a few other movies including Matrix. Yes, you read it correctly — Matrix.

So, if you are up for some total masala entertainment, the complete package, almost overloaded, without being too reasoning and finding logic, just go and enjoy Ma... And of course for superhero Bhuwan KC’s charming looks.