Every woman’s voice


I’m every woman

It’s all in me

Anything you want done baby

I’ll do it naturally

The music and the powerful voices of participating women resonated in the air. The cold wasn’t the reason for the goosebumps but the harmony of all elements at the Chevrolet Women in Concert on March 21 at the Gokarna Forest Resort.

An annual music event organised by women with women from different walks of life participating in the concert, the WIC puts up on one stage well-known personalities and up coming female singers. This year the WIC was a casual and rocking event, managed by the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory (KJC) and kicked off KJC’s nine-day Miles Music Festival.

With a more casual feel to the concert, the posh and sophistication of ballrooms of five star hotels were given a miss and so was the

complicated dinner table setting. All music lovers, corporate honchos and

the who’s-who of the social circle gathered on the open grounds of the resort where crackling bonfires placed around warmed all on a cold evening. Food and drink stalls had also been set up.

The WIC saw the talented group of Sapna Thapa, Rachana Gurung Sharma, Preeti Kaur, Astha Tamang Maskey, Shivana Shrestha, Esperagma Rai, Stuty Maskey, Shreeti Pradhan, Miriam, Monique, Pooja Gurung, Marloes Oudeman, Kencho, Sonam and Sangay performing. Some sang their own numbers, while some choose to sing classic numbers. Some of the most interesting performances were by the youngsters. Shivana Shrestha’s flawless take on Rihanna’s Take a bow deserved all the applause and the screamings from the audience. The trio of sisters Kencho, Sonam and Sangay’s performance of When you say nothing at all and Ain’t no mountain high was cute and heart-warming. Their harmonising was commendable and it was pleasure to watch them sing and dance.

The upcoming rocker Astha Tamang Maskey too sang two of her very numbers Hide and Seek and Jhutho satya.

The final performance saw all the participating ladies on the stage joined by Abhaya Subba and Pamo and together they sang Whitney Houston’s I’m every woman making all present believe in every word that they crooned.

The performance by the ladies was supported by the Humble Bee band comprising Yuvraj Chettri (guitar), Hemraj Chettri (drums), Ishan Khadka (bass) and Srijan Tuladhar (keys).

A part of the proceeds from the concert will be given to Orchid Garden Nepal, a day care centre for underprivileged children.

The nine-day long Miles Music festival is organised by KJC, sponsored by Chevrolet, supported by Allaince Francaise and Infinity International, with The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post as media partners.