Everyone wants to holiday with Clooney


Hollywood hunk George Clooney is the star people would most like to share a vacation with. Clooney emerged the clear winner in the poll by Luxury travel company PIVR.co.uk that put 1,000 people to the test. Coming in close

on Clooney’s heels was former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, who came in second. Third spot on the list went to the man who may make history by becoming the first black US President – Illinois senator Barack Obama.

The fourth most popular celeb that people would love to take a vacation with happens to be the Queen of pop Madonna. British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay rounded off the top five, reports Contactmusic. PIVR.co.uk boss James Robinson said, “These stars are much more than just celebrities. They have talents; are philanthropists; have interesting and complex lives and enough anecdotes to keep anyone interested during a dinner party.”

The top ten is as follows George Clooney, Sir Paul Mccartney, Barack Obama, Madonna, Gordon Ramsay, Angelina Jolie, Dame Helen Mirren, Hugh Laurie, Nelson Mandela and Daniel Craig.