Successful designer Binay Upadhyay, MD, Binisha Interiors Sewa and chairman, Binisha School of Interior Design, shares his views:

1. Why did you choose this career?

I have been in this field for 16 years. I first joined Nest Furniture as a junior officer. I worked there for 12 years. My experience there shaped up my talents in such a fashion that along the way, I thought that this would be the right profession for a person of my tastes and choices.

2. What are your strengths as a professional?

I have always been keen to blend traditional Nepalis crafts, carvings and style into furniture making, furnishings and the general design. I wish to blend tradition and ethnicity into the modern lifestyle as culture is something to live with, not something you preserve in a showcase. Apart from this, I have opened a school to train young designers as we do lack enough training courses and schools on the subject in this country.

3. What are your career goals now?

To expand my school as well as bring about more awareness on ethnic Nepalis styles of decoration.

4. What is your word of advice to young aspirants?

A designer must be ready to be hardworking, flexible and disciplined and make sure to learn the basics of the trade.

5. What makes a good interior designer?

Well, I think you must have three important qualities to be a good designer. They are passion, discipline and a creative bent of mind.

(as told to Sucheta Dasgupta)