Failure is just delay, not defeat

The battle is not in our hands for all of us today. We should realise that although the road ahead is not a smooth one and there are no easy solutions, we must keep on going. The thing we call ‘failure’ is not falling down but the staying down. Success does not come at once. There is nothing such as failure if one tries one’s best until one finally becomes successful. Failure in life does not mean that there are many questions without answers but that there too many answers to fathom. The investment of an attempt will always pay the best interest. Hence, a little delay in achieving success should not discourage us because we are fighting a hard battle.

We must not get discouraged and stop trying. We must learn from our mistakes and take care not to repeat them. We must be bold in action and move forward with more enthusiasm and commitment than before to taste the sweetness of success. When everything seems to be lost, you can still steer yourself in any direction you wish. Keep in mind that perfection never exists in reality and the expert was once a beginner. We must put in our efforts and persevere until we achieve our goal. We must always remember that to fail is not a crime, but to set out sight too low is.

It is the hard work, dedication and encouragement of great people that made these things possible. At once point they failed and felt exhausted, but if they had stopped trying, their great deeds would never have been. Keeping this all in mind, we must move forward facing every obstacle in life and not giving up until we reach out goals. Try and try again.