Farrell’s depressing delicacy


Irish actor Colin Farrell recalls the time he ate a swan’s foot in Tibet and describes it as “most depressing”.

Farrell was vacationing with his friends in Tibet and was horrified when he had to eat a swan’s foot there, contactmusic.com reports. He said, “I like new food, although I ate a f**king swan’s foot in Tibet (and) it was the most depressing thing. I was in Tibet for a couple of weeks and the people that I’d met wanted to take us out for dinner on our last night and they took us out and it was a lovely meal... and then the delicacy came out at the end and they were all like, ‘Ah, this is the...’ and out came a swan without its calf. It was like (reality TV show) Fear Factor. They gave us a plastic glove to eat it with. I went to confession afterwards: ‘Bless me father, for I have eaten swan’s foot’.”