Federer out, AbhiAsh in

MUMBAI: Tennis star Roger Federer got the shock of his life upon his arrival at the Hilton Toronto hotel. The sports person has come to Toronto to take part in the Rogers Cup. He as usual went to the star hotel and asked for the suite room which is called as the Federer suite as an honour for his talent and sporting achievements.

And guess what reply this world celebrated player got from the hotel staff. They requested him opt for some other suite as the opulent space named after him had been given to a celebrity couple from India.

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwrya Rai were staying in Federer suite. They had come to Toronto for the first show of the Unforgettable World Tour.

The hotel authorities were not very keen on giving the suite to Abhi and Ash as it was reserved exclusively for Roger Federer and till date he has only stayed there whenever he came to Toronto.

But the local promoter of the world tour Moe Jiyani insisted that the luxury suite should be given to the celebrities from India and finally the hotel staff had no other option than to give in.

Roger Federer had no other option than to accept the other suite offered to him.