Female stalkers scare Moss


Supermodel Kate Moss is scared of two obsessed women fans and she fears that they may be stalking her.

Moss has now chosen to lock herself in her house, mirror.co.uk reports. The model began to get suspicious when a car started appearing outside her house each time she went to visit her daughter Lila Grace and boyfriend Jamie Hince.

She told friends, “I’m really scared... I think they are stalking me. They are always here, doing nothing. It’s freaking me out.”

When one of her friends approached the women, they simply said that their car had broken down.

“It’s really spooky and totally freaking Kate out. The girls are just weird. There are often a couple of photographers outside the house, and even they are suspicious of these girls,” a source close to Moss said.

“They just sit and stare at the house for hours on end. And if anyone approaches them, they drive around the back of the house and then come back. Kate has thought about calling the police, but they can’t be prosecuted for just sitting on the road. It’s started to get really unnerving,” the source said. —Agencies