Films from a hoary past

Himalayan News Service


The French Embassy in Nepal, Alliance Francaise of Kathmandu with the support of Nepal Film Development Board in collaboration with Kathmandu Film Archive have organised ‘French Cinema in Nepal’ which began on April 6 at Russian Culture Centre. ‘French Cinema in Nepal’ will showcase eight French movies everyday starting April 7.

The highlight of the movie festival is all the movies are thematic representation of French society during the Second World War. As the Second World War broke out, French filmmakers reacted to the situation by sustaining the power of resistance through the use of cultural idioms and symbols. The making of French films during this period endeavoured to create a breathing space for those who were forced to live under the region of terror. The eight films to be showcased are made from 1940-45 and all the films strongly depict the mental and social milieu of that era.

Three Nepali film directors — Chhiring Retar Sherpa, Navin Subba and Shiv Regmi — jointly inaugurated the film festival. All three directors have made their own name in Nepali film world. Sherpa’s ‘Mukundo’ draw a huge attention in the country and abroad whereas, Navin Subba’s work in ‘Numafung’ earned lots of accolades winning some international awards. Regmi who is a successful director of Nepali commercial films has always been keen to pick up something from the social stratum to make a movie and currently his upcoming movie ‘Muglan’ is in the limelight.

On the occassion of inauguration, ‘Laissez Passer’ (Safe Conduct) was screened which will again be screened on April 10.