Fine lines


For Hemlata Pradhan plants have been major part of her life as she “grew up with plants”. Her family has been in the nursery business for generations and it is no surprise that this artist’s subject of her creations are variety of orchids.

“Although I didn’t take up the family business, I am still very much associated with plants, but more in an artistic way,” Pradhan said.

Excellent detailing is something that stands out in her creations. For her the focus to detail is both love and necessity. “Since mine are botanical illustrations, detailing is a must and everything has to be accurate.

She also has some paintings with a more artistic touch to it. She mentioned that botanical illustrations often takes a lot of time and in between she often feels the need for a break, and it is during these times that she paints creations that are more aesthetically inclined. However, she enjoys working on botanical illustrations more as she is “totally into detailing”.

With perfect colouring and of course the minute detailings, Pradhan’s works bring out the delicate nature of these rare flowers. And it is not just the plants, even their habitat has been presented in the most accurate and lifelike manner. From each strand of root hairs to each vein in the leaf, every part of a plant has been created in the finest way possible. Thus, this collection can be a very good study material for students of Botany.

As the medium used is only watercolour, the hues are vibrant bringing out the vitality of the flora as found in the natural habitat. The sharpness that comes with the detailing provides a clean and sophisticated look to the canvas.

The exhibition, which was inaugurated on December 12 by Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood at Siddhartha Art Gallery, will go on till January 1. — HNS