Fixing a broken heart


My love was like a mirror that has shattered. I loved him unconditionally but I never ever felt I was really his. I never wanted gifts nor did I want him to promise me the stars and the moon. All I wanted was his love.

It’s been months since we broke up but somehow I feel that relationship never existed. But I am still holding on to the memories — the touch of his lips, hanging on the phone for hours talking about nothing and everything.

I was so in love with him that I didn’t realise he was just playing with me, that I was not even aware of the awful pain he was causing me. He betrayed my trust thrice but I still loved him.

We are good friends now. Every morning I pray for him to step in back into my life though I know that what I’m praying for is impossible. All those memories haunt me and discourage me from making a new start. Though I smile, my heart weeps every single second. But I know this time it is goodbye for real.