Flaunting talents


The talent round of WAVE Mister & Miss University Nepal 2007 was held at Bakery Café, Sundhara on June 11. Nhyoo Bajracharya, Anup Baral and Raju Shah were the judges. With a variety of performances the 24 contestants gave from excellent to lukewarm performances. It started with an interesting and convincing performance depicting the effect of conflict on the younger generation. Melodious, soothing voices were heard as the contestants sang hits from the past. Then there was the captivating and confident performance of a popular Nepali number.

A talent show of course would not be complete without dances. Some old classics and traditional ones, beautifully done with good facial expressions to ones that seemed a bit too bold. From ones that were too fast paced to ones that lacked energy they were all there.

Speeches, poems mostly about political and social issues were also delivered, some which were quite interesting. Variety was added by those performing Yoga Aasans which were well done and playing traditional instrument, but somehow lacked the zeal for playing it.

A patriotic musical had everyone standing and applauding with a powerful performance that made people overlook the technical glitches that occurred, to some acts which had the contestant too reluctant to face the audience and kept the audience wondering. After around 2 hours it was the excellent mimicking of Pawankali that sealed the show which gave everyone a hearty laugh and yet conveyed a good message for youngsters. With all these different performances they will be judged based on their Message, Originality and Costume. The winners will be declared on the final round which will be held on June 15.