Fly for peace


The chief objective of ‘Changa Chait 2062’, an annual competition of flying kites at the windy hills of Nagarkot is to develop Nagararkot into a tourist destination. The event will be bigger and better this time said the organisers. The standard sized kites, spinning wheels and thread have already been imported from India. The event is not only for kite flyers. Visitors can indulge themselves in games. Favourite cuisines along with live music by country’s popular singers will add more zing to the show. Children can take part in inter-school painting competitions and at the end of the day fabulous door prizes for the visitor will be declared. The open competition will be held on October 8 – the last day of the competition. The number of participants has significantly increased this year. Altogether 54 teams have been registered for the competition. According to Prasant Chitrakar, event co-ordinator, four participants fly in the competition at a time and the winner of that round will qualify for the next round.

“The most spectacular part of the competition is the sportsmanship spirit participants display in the competition,” said Mitra Bhattarai, director, Club Himalaya, Nagarkot. He further adds, “Whether the participants win or lose, they enjoy it immensely.” Deepak Bajracharya, Anil Singh, Sabin Rai and other singers will also accompany kite flying with live concerts.