Flying kites: Becoming rare

The festival of Dashain is rich with many unique cultures and traditions. Many special customs are attached with it, for instance, receiving tika and jamara from elders, wearing new clothes, having delicious dishes and many more. But the tradition of flying kites, one of the most important aspects of Dashain, has gradually been decreasing year after year.

A couple of years back, the colourful sky of Kathmandu adorned with a large number of colourful kites used to denote that the festive season has arrived. But the number of kites

flying in the sky has significantly dropped in recent times. Even in the midst of Dashain, only few kites can be seen soaring up in the sky. What may be the reason behind it? Is it that we are neglecting our culture or our interest and gusto for flying kites has been replaced by something else? Nowadays, with the easy access to television and computer, the only thing that people prefer to do is watch television and play computer games. During holidays, children are either occupied with the television or computer and they do the same during Dashain too. Instead of wasting our time indulging in such activities, why not fly kites? Flying kites is our culture. So, why not preserve our culture and tradition? And why not start it right from this Dashain?