Some paintings are done in bold hues evoking desire and passion, while other paintings represent soothing and serene peace through its colours. Then there are

dark and harsh paintings with disturbed geometric figures like long forgotten wounds and turmoil. And there are some pieces done in bright colours representing hope and dreams. All in all the masterstroke of every brush in the paintings create a script of untold stories and symphony of forgotten music. They all represent the artists’ vision of freedom.

On the occasion of 60th Independence Day of India, Prakrit Arts in association with Indian Embassy and BP Koirala India-Nepal Academy, organised a contemporary art exhibition at the Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal on August 14. The art exhibition ‘Enigma’ showcases abstract artworks by five well-known artists from India. Artists Jayashree Chakravarty, Akhilesh, Harshavardana, Yogesh Rawal and Adimoolan KM have presented their freedom of expression on canvas through their artworks. Artists Akhilesh and Yogesh Rawal were present at the inaugral function.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Indian Ambassador Shiv Shankar Mukherjee. Veteran Nepali artist Uttam Nepali and Indian art critic Uday Vajpayee shared their views on the occasion.

Vajpayee said, “Out of abstract thoughts come a concept. Indian civilisation has a long history of abstract style in different forms of art be it music, dance, literature or painting. Every artist evokes reality through their abstract art. These art not only represent the thoughts of the artist but also gives you the freedom to imagine.”

Expressing his views on the cultural exchanges between the two nations, Ambassador Mukherjee said, “We used to have lots of cultural programmes and functions. Now Indian cultural centre is going to be launched soon, so we hope to have more of such exchanges between the two countries. And this exchange of art and culture will not be a one-way affair, here on this occasion I assure all that we will have exhibitions of Nepali artists in India as well.”

The exhibition is being held from August 14 to 16