From his soul to yours


He believes “music is the language that everyone understands”.

And for this reggae artiste who defines his music as something for “people who believe in love”, it certainly is a language that he converses in with people that he meets on his journeys.

Meet musician Jerry Julian, born in Dominican Republic, raised in France and currently in Nepal, who who has been making waves in the Capital. He is pretty new to Nepal, having been here for only two months (wife is with the UN), but he has already found a connection. He has been jamming with our local musicians for some time now and also performed at a jamming session titled Reggae Xplozion at Moksh.

He had come to Moksh one evening, saw the band 1974 AD playing, and being the lover of music, he approached them, and Reggae Xplozion happened. He has nothing but praise for the band which he says is more than a band. He describes it as a “team”.

He remembers having always enjoyed music and singing but it was only when he landed in France that he got to go professional — started doing gigs and playing, and met a lot of great musicians.

And why reggae? “Because reggae has a bit of everything — jazz, funk, blues, R&B.” With the likes of Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, James Ingram, Lionel Richie among others, as his major influences and idols, one doesn’t wonder why.

His band in France is called Natural Gift made up of musicians from France, Africa and the Caribbean, and they have performed all over Europe. “We are a reggae band with a mixture of soul and jazz. We are mainstream musicians but we do not think it necessary to be on the charts.”

Words fail him when he describes his band’s other frontman, the saxophonist. He hopes he can play together with this great man in Nepal. “I bring the soul into the band, he brings

the jazz. And if he comes and plays here, Nepal will be on fire because he has so much energy.”

Of his experience of performing here he says the Nepali audience “though may not understand the lyrics, understands the vibes”. And for him this is great as he gives everything when he performs. “I don’t cheat my audience. I perform with everything in me. I interact with them and when I feel that connection with them, it feels great.”

He has experienced that connection here and wants to take back these vibes with him.

(Jerry will be performing on May 20 at Moksh, May 21 at Walk the World — Fight Against Hunger concert in Patan, and on May 27 at Moksh Festival Last Resort.)

know him better

Define yourself in one word

I’m Heartical (one who does everything from his heart).

Idea of God

God is a good spirit that manifests in mankind.

One person you treasure most

I have so many... my mum, my wife, my kids...

Idea of beauty


One trait you like about yourself


If you were not a rapper, what would you be?

An artist

Most attractive woman

My wife

How do you unwind?

By thinking positive thoughts.

What do you do first thing in the morning?

Wash my face, brush my teeth and do a little exercise.

What do you do last before going to sleep?

Wash my face, brush my teeth.