Fun and useful


Holidays are always welcomed with joy and happiness by students. It may be a time to relax and unwind, but it is also a time during which, if you utilise it wisely, you can learn and know new things.

Learn something new even if it’s at home. You could learn to cook something new and simple. Beginners could just learn to set up a healthy salad or get a little more adventurous and serve pastas for a change from the usual diet.

You could let the talented and creative side of you shine this holiday, be it the painter, the writer, the musician or the singer in you. Let your creativity soar high. If you can, join a class, or just try to create a masterpiece on your own.

Do remember that after the holidays are over, you do have to go back to school and submit loads of homework that have been given to you. So, try to finish it first. Set up a timetable — in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, whenever it is the best time for you to study. Set aside at least three-four hours a day. Set a goal to finish a certain amount and take 15 minutes break after you finish that. Or you could take the break after each hour. You could break your study routine into morning and evening sessions.

If there is any particular topic or subject you are having problems with, go through it again and if you still can’t figure it out take the help of elders or friends.

And if you would like to get a glimpse of history, why not go on a tour of the museums with an elder member of your family or friends? You’ll get to know so much about the days gone by, things that you didn’t know about.

Visit some living historical areas like the Durbar Squares and see all the beauty and history that the places hold. If possible try and read about the places before or after your visit. It will make your tour all the more interesting. Ask your elders to take you there or go in groups.

Do fun things with your friends and family, go to the zoo or fun park or for a movie. You could even go for a picnic and besides having fun try to get to know the place better too.

Sports is something you could get involved in be it swimming, tennis, basketball. You’ll not only have a blast of a time but get healthier too, and go back to school refreshed.

For the more indoor types, do not fret, chess, Chinese checkers, scrabble, you can avail yourself to various games and get your brains working wonders.

Social service is another thing you could get involved in, be it spending some time with kids or cleaning the mess in your locality.

If you’re the bookish kind, the best place you could spend your time would be a library. You could go and become a member and bring books home. Or if you feel like it, spend the entire day browsing through books at the library.

Since, school is off and you have so much more time, do revise what has been taught, so when the exams come, you are more confident and well prepared for it.

If there’s anything that needs to be mended like your school uniform, bag, books this is the time to do it.