Fun ride with friends

Jaane tu... ya jaane na

Genre: Romantic-Comedy

Director: Abbas Tyrewala

Cast: Imran Khan, Genelia D’Souza, Karan Makhija, Sugandha Garg, Nirav Mehta, Alishka Varde and Pratiek Babbar

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Here’s a movie that is all about friendship, love and life. Fresh and lively, Jaane tu... ya jaane na tells of Gen X and showcases the life of youngsters in metros. It is not too melodramatic

or too romantic or too cheesy; it’s normal and that’s what the viewers will be able to relate with.

The best thing about Jaane tu... is that it does not try to be larger than life. Shot in Mumbai, it tells the story about a group of friends — not just the lead actors, but all the people who are related to them.

Jai Singh Rathore ‘Rats’ (Imran Khan) and Aditi ‘Meao’ (Genelia D’Souza) are so busy being friends, having fun and fighting that they don’t realise what everyone else has already noticed — they are in love. Their group consists of Karan Makhija (Rotlu), Sugandha Garg (Shaleen), Nirav Mehta (Jiggy) and Alishka Varde (Bombs). Rotlu has a soft corner for Aditi and Bombs loves Jai, but when they see Aditi and Jai busy with each other, they end up finding love in each other. Aditi’s parents make them realise that if they don’t love each other but spend so much time together, they will never find love, so they go out to find the perfect match for each other. Jai falls for Meghna (Manjari Fadnis) and Aditi gets engaged to Sushant (Ayaz Khan).

Finding true love and realising that it already exits is what the story is all about.

The story line might be similar to many other stories, but the treatment Abbas Tyrewala has given and the way it has been narrated with humour and loads of fun is worth a watch. Casting is perfect, and the characters’ looks and dialogues are very normal. There is no designer fundas and item numbers that are a must in movies today. Aamir’s nephew Imran Khan has got the perfect launch and as the role is very youthful, he has done it perfectly and looks very cute.

Genelia is perfect for the role and carries out all the scenes that requires expressing all type of emotions with perfection and shows promise. All the supporting cast is fabulous and does

a perfect job in carrying out what they have been assigned and are not overshadowed.

Smita Patel and Raj Babbar’s son Pratiek Babbar as Aditi’s younger brother is just so cool and show great brother-sister bonding. Manjari and Ayaz are commendable in their roles. Nasserudin Shah as Jai’s late father and Paresh Rawal in his small role are hilarious.

Music by AR Rehman as always is superb and peppy. Pappu can’t dance, Dil kabhi ganda and Aditi have already become hits.

All in all a must watch with your group of friends.