Get ready for Govinda’s desi English accent


Govinda is all set to shoot for his first English-language film in London. To be made by Jagmohan Mundhra, it is a remake of The 40 Year Old Virgin and the actor is confident of evoking laughs with his own brand of desi English.

“It’s my first international project and very special. British NRIs don’t always speak perfect English. A lot of them retain their desi accent and speak a mix of English and Hindi. The important thing is to be true to the character. And I think I can manage the English,” said Govinda.

It couldn’t get any better for Govinda. After a comeback with Partner and an international project, he is now on a weight-losing spree. So is he trying to equal his pal Salman Khan’s physique?

“Ha! Me equal Salman? He is one of the 10 handsomest men in the world. No, I just want to go back to the way I used to be during Raja Babu and Hero No1.” — HNS