Get ready for Jazzmandu 2006


In a certain number of ways, Jazzmandu defines Kathmandu and vice-versa. Many musicians come to the Capital just for Jazzmandu, dubbed the Jazz festival of Kathmandu.

Like in the previous years, Kathmanduites will be welcoming the onset of winter this year too with the strains of Jazzmandu, which will kick off on October 11 with Upstairs Jam.

Titled ‘Surya Classic Jazzmandu 2006’, the festival will bring together musicians from across the world — Canada, France, Norway, the US, Germany, Israel Spain, Venezuela, Australia and of course our own Nepal.

Jazzmandu was born in the year 2002 and the brains behind the festival describe Jazzmandu as an idea put together by some young people in Nepal with an ambition to bring the powers of jazz music to the Himalayas and spread the message of peace in the world and positive interaction between people of different nationalities.

Apart from the entry-by-ticket shows, Jazzmandu will feature a free show at Yala Maya Kendra, Jazz for school students, and a Jazzmandu workshop with opportunities for the students to interact with international musicians.

The Jazzmandu Peace Parade will be held this year too in Lazimpat to highlight the desire for peace we all share around the world.

The parade will include international musicians, Nepali musicians and traditional dancers, Buddhist monks chanting peace prayers, and vintage bikes and cars.

For the first time, art and photography with will be incorporated with jazz at Jazzmandu.

With 40 musicians and over 15,000 people having attended Jazzmandu 2005, and the country’s situation having improved, we can look forward to a more vibrant Jazzmandu 2006. — HNS