Giant sandwich at newest food court


This is another piece of great news for the foodies of Kathmandu — the Welcome Food Plaza was inaugurated on June 22 at Kasthamandap Bazaar, Durbar Marg. The food court has outlets of 14 different restaurants. Your choices might vary from Chinese to Bhutanese or from Indian to Italian, but do not fret as the Welcome food plaza serves all.

Well-known names like Kathmandu Revolving, Bawarchi, Tamarind, Sandwich Point, Weight Watcher, Kwality Walls, Hungry Sam, Tukche Kitchen, Te, Parikar, Yomari, Snacks Bar and Cucina Italia have their outlet at this food court.

To mark the launch, the largest sandwich ever in Nepal was prepared by Sandwich Point. The sandwich, which was of four feet by four-and-half feet, weighed a whopping 50 pounds. The fillings were of a variety — salami, tuna, ham, chicken and mushroom and of course yummy cheese.

The pieces of this giant sandwich were on sale to be bought at any desired price. The first piece was brought by Dr Tika Man Vaidya, who was invited to cut it. The fund collected from the sale was donated to a children’s project in Moti Binayak Primary School, Dholahity, which is supported by the Rotracts of Kathmandu Mid-town. A total amount of Rs 15,000 was raised.

Snacks had been generously laid out by all the restaurants in the food court for the guests to munch on as they waited for their orders of main courses.

So, the next time you want to try out a variety of food items, you know where to head.