Giri shines as Sundar

Sundar Mero Naam

Genre: (Romantic comedy)

Cast: Deepak Raj Giri, Ramit Dhungana and Garima Panta

Director: Viajy Thapa

Showing at Gopi Krishna


Sundar Mero Naam is a movie about a physically challenged man, Deepak Raj Giri, who has been rejected by many girls because of the way he is. That is until he meets Garima Panta, a blind girl who he is really concerned about and who also seems to reciprocate his feelings. A parallel story also runs that of Ramit Dhungana and Garima Panta (who plays a double role) who are in love with each other but Panta’s father is against this relation. So, it is these two stories that get entwined with each other that forms the movie.

Lead actor Deepak Giri proves his mettle as a really fine actor, from the comic to the emotional roles, he brings forth his best as an actor and has acted really well. With her dimpled smile and charming looks, Panta is pleasant, and okay acting-wise though at times she seems over dramatic. Ramit Dhungana as the angry young man and then in his subdued character is good.

This movie, which has a different story line, could have been a beautiful love story that really touches you, but unfortunately sticking to ‘formula movies’ style with unnecessary action sequences, the beauty and emotional strength of this movie is killed.

There are certainly a lot of places in which the forever blamed technical aspects cannot be considered an excuse for the movie going wrong. It’s simple things like using a little common sense could have made a big difference — like the female lead saying bye to the actor to get on her college bus even when the actor is about to have a dangerous fight with a prisoner just released from jail, or the one where the lead actor’s mum without any fear questions a young man who is about to misbehave with her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, and other such instances makes you see the loop holes which could have been avoided.

Though it was claimed that a new wave is being tried to be brought into the movie world, it seems that the effort was half-hearted and the risk was not taken. At this day and age when the Nepali audience is watching movies from all over the world and the mostly watched Hindi films do not stick to the fight and dance sequences, simple topics are gaining so much popularity, this movie could have lighted the much needed spark. A new style was tried, which could have conveyed a positive message and attracted Nepali audiences that do not venture out to watch Nepali movies.