Glam dates at exotic locales

KATHMANDU: After Pirelli, there was the Kingfisher calendar closer to home, and the Yamaha calendar brought the glam dates right into our homes and offices. And this year, it is the Khetans who will be helping us keep our glam dates with their new calendar for the upcoming New Year.

An exclusive viewing for the Press only was organised recently which was attended by the models in the calendar and ace photographer Raj Bhai Suwal.

The calendar has been shot in exotic locales of Nepal, and Nepal had never looked so differently beautiful. From Chitwan to Mustang, Kathmandu to Jumla, Dhankuta to Ilam, you get to set a date with such locales each new month.

Said Rajendra Khetan, Chairman of Khetan Group, “We have shot the calendar in different locales of Nepal to serve a dual purpose — to showcase the diversity (in beauty) of our country, and second, to help people know the different regions

of Nepal.”

And the models?

“Sunma sugandha,” he said as a joke, but added that personally he finds landscapes without “human figures a dreary place”.

Suwal, the person responsible for the picturesque frames, said, “I have not used the models as objects alien to the landscape, but as a homogenous part of the shot. They add to the frame as much as the landscapes they are in.”

With this calendar you get to keep dates with models like Kunchang Moktan, Noyu Singh, Ayusha Karki, Namrata Shrestha, among others.

So, will we get to buy the dates? No, these are exclusive gifts that will be given to a limited number of their partners, customers and clients. — aprilfirst