Glitter and more

This young lad from Bihar has been earning his living by carrying and selling clothes around town. Recently he changed his base from Kathmandu to Pokahra, and is happy with the decision after the footpath restriction. Sambhu Mahato still makes his way into the Valley during festivals to earn some extra cash.

What do you sell during festive seasons?

During Dashain I was selling kites and threads, and this Tihar we brought decorative door hangings from Delhi.

Do you feel pressured during festival season to meet you family needs and demands?

Of course demands during festival are obvious. I have a wife and son so have to do something for them during Diwali, but I manage to meet their expectations.

What about Bhai dooj?

I have a sister and I had planned to give her cash and gifts. But I thinks my plans will fail because recently some guys duped me and took Rs 2,200 from me and I am feeling very low.