Scotland is one of four constituent nations which form the United Kingdom. The other three are England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The country is known for its beautiful scenery of mountain peaks and deep glassy lakes.

The major event held in the country is Edinburgh Festival. It is one of the world’s most important arts festivals held in August. The other festivals are Military Tattoo, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Edinburgh Book Festival and Glasgow’s World Pipe Band Championships. Braemar Gathering is celebrated in September. This event is attended by the queen in Braemar with other games held all over the country. The attractions of the country are Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow and St Andrews.

Edinburgh, the capital city is one of the unique cities of Scotland. The main attraction of the city is Edinburgh castle. Aberdeen is the city built of granite, even the roads. St Andrews is the beautiful and unusual town. Scotland cuisine includes meat, seafood and vegetables.

The legendary Scottish meals include porridge, shortbread, haggis - a mix of chopped lungs, heart and liver mixed with oatmeal, Scotch broth and that modern gourmet creation, the deep-fried Mars bar. The famous drink of the country is whisky.

LOCATION : Western Europe, northern third of the island of Great Britain

AREA : 78,772 sq km

HIGHEST POINT : Ben Nevis (1,343m)

CLIMATE : Temperate maritime, influenced by the North Atlantic current, mild winters, cool summers and consistently humid


CAPITAL CITY : Edinburgh

GOVERNMENT : Parliamentary democracy

HEAD OF THE STATE : Queen Elizabeth II

MAJOR INDUSTRIES : Banking and finance, steel, transport equipment, oil and gas, whisky, tourism


MAJOR IMPORTS : Manufactured goods, machinery, fuels

CURRENCY : Pound Sterling (£)

POPULATION : 4,996,000

LANGUAGE : Gaelic, English

RELIGION : Presbyterian Church of Scotland and the Roman Catholic Church.


1. Name the four countries which form the United Kingdom.

2. Which is the major art festival of Scotland?

3. What are the attractions of the country?

4. What do you mean by haggis?

5. Which languages are spoken in the country?

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