Grabbing attention

The right way

Among the large number of students in the class, make sure you get noticed the right way and make a good impression on your teacher. Sometimes it takes a little extra work to get noticed in class, you’ll have to perform in class to impress the teacher.

Be on time

Showing up before the teacher will earn you points right of the bat. Strolling in five minutes after class has started will also definitely get you noticed. The teacher might even learn your name faster than any of your classmates, but in the wrong way. If you have a legitimate

reason for being late, don’t waste time with explanations as you enter the classroom. Tell your teacher after class if you still think it’s important.

You don’t know better

Never argue a point made by your teacher unless you have done thorough resea-rch on the subject. Although arguing a point, if done right, can win you points, nothing will make a worse impression than being shot down in class. Do, however, ask questions if you feel like a subject isn’t made clear.

Quiet please!

Even if the lecture is the most boring thing you ever had to sit through, your professor put effort into to it, and you talking to the guy next to you is an annoyance interfering with his very important speech. The other students might find you interesting and funny, but all the teacher remembers is the mumbling from your corner of the classroom that annoyed him and messed up his class.


You think your texting and typing can’t be noticed? Think again. You clicking on your sms though as discreetly as possible can be easily noticed by the teacher which shows you aren’t paying any attention in class and will surely annoy the teacher.

Talk to your teacher

All those students who stand at the desk talking to the teacher while you are busy making your way as far away as possible after class are the ones getting noticed. Some of them might not have much to say, but the teacher knows who they are. Don’t however, be the one that has to talk to the teacher after class every time or you will become a nuisance and be remembered as such.