Guy to walk away £60 mn richer after divorce

LONDON: Director Guy Ritchie is to get at least £20 million (nearly $35 million) in cash, and properties worth many more millions in his divorce settlement with pop superstar Madonna. According to, the 40-year-old Ritchie will get the 1,200-acre country estate and a London pub. The money is to cover the London properties, which include a £7 million family townhouse in Marylebone, a 10-bedroom, £6 million property next door and two mews cottages worth £2 million each. The director also gets the pub in Mayfair, valued at about £2.25 million — and the Ashcombe House estate in Berwick St John, Wilts, which is worth £10 million.

The total value will be around £60 million — enough for Guy to walk away satisfied, it was reported on October 17 night.

Madonna, 50, on tour in the US, keeps her New York and Los Angeles homes. A source close to the couple said, “The negotiations were relatively painless. Guy knew what he wanted and Madonna knew what she was keen to keep. There was a spell when Guy was in a mood to dig his heels in, but he decided this arrangement seemed reasonable and a long battle over money would make life unbearable.”

Madonna is being represented by well-known divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton, who played a pivotal role in protecting Paul McCartney’s fortune from his ex-wife Heather Mills this year. Shackleton negotiated with Guy’s lawyers in a day of frantic phone calls. They are expected to reach a compromise over their kids — Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight, and David Banda, three.

Meanwhile, Ritchie’s father has described Madonna as “beastly” for her comments on her break-up with his son.

According to, Guy’s father John Ritchie said it was “horrid” to read about how Madonna called Guy an “emotional retard” in front of thousands of fans at a concert.

He said, “She’s being beastly. She is saying, ‘Did you ever love me?’ It goes back to a time when she fell off her horse and she’s blaming him for that. She’s calling him an emotional retard. When he’s being bashed by her it’s horrid.” Her “emotionally retarded” swipe at Guy came on stage in Boston.