Gyanmandala immerses everyone in festive mood

KATHMANDU: Music from the young musicians, laughter of children while playing and crackling conversation treated the aural sense. The scent of barbecued meat and momo hit the olfactory organs. And pleasing the eyes with some vibrant pictures were lots of people engaged in different activities — eating, sitting at stalls, selling and buying food, conversing, and climbing down building in a rope. In the cold air with ebbing sun rays, the venue was bubbling with life. That was Gyanmandala Festival 2015. The festival was held on December 12 at Gyanmandala, Jhamsikhel.

“Gyanmandala is the centre which promotes art, music, physical fitness like yoga. It is a different kind of place and we are promoting what we provide like music, yoga, dance, taekwondo today,” 1974 AD musician Nirakar Yakthumba and the co-ordinator of the fest shared, “We are doing this for the first time and the whole Gyanmandala has come together. It seems everyone is enjoying.”

There are many organisations located in Gyanmandala and every organisation has something to offer to the crowd. Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory (KJC) was one of them. It added the musical element to the fest. Karma Coffee, and Moksh satiated caffeine pangs and hungry stomachs. Initiative Outdoors catered to the outdoor adventure experience with abseiling. Dance, taekwondo, face painting, and film screening were other offerings at the festival. And there were stalls of the Gyanmandala’s businesses to promote their products.


Strings and Things, a music store, is one of the institutions at Gyanmandala and through the fest, the store was definitely put on the map. Being a part of the “festive mood” the owner of the store, drummer Hemraj Chhetri shared, “I have a store here. But people don’t know about it much as I haven’t advertised it well. The stall at the festival has helped spread about its existence. I did some business too.”

Being a part of the festival and enjoying was Ang Tshering from Bouddha. He was talking to his friend and listening to music. He bought two chopping boards to which he added, “I like cooking and I bought it for myself.” He further added, “I like music and these children are playing good music.”